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Early on, my medium of choice was any kind of paper—even handiwipes—pencils, crayons and tape. Any kind of tape, too. Often it was black electrical tape from my father’s work bench. Doors started to open once I was old enough to use a stapler and hold a pair of scissors. From that point on the possibilities were endless. My parents kept me well-stocked in art supplies and I had a special Aunt K who taught me how to paint. When most kids were hanging out together, I was hanging out with Aunt K in her cellar or on her porch with oil  paints, watercolors and pastels. Throughout my teenage years, we attended watercolor workshops and studied under Jack Flynn, AWS. I went on to study Fine Art and Illustration at Paier College of Art. After graduating from Paier, I moved to Mystic, CT and continued my education at Rhode Island School of Design and the Lyme Academy of Art. After several in-house design positions, I decided to go solo and have been happily working for over twenty years. Recently I have joined forces with Christine Toner who is as passionate about design as I am, and we have formed a partnership,